Radiant Wholeness Sessions

“Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.” – Pema Chodron

forest croppedHow We Begin…

We open each Radiant Wholeness session looking at what issue you want to work on, and how you want to be feeling instead. From there, we explore some of the beliefs, fears, family patterns, trauma responses that might be underlying your current situation.

One of my gifts is to identify patterns, and I offer those insights to the service of healing and releasing old wounds. The work is at once gentle and profound. It is multi-dimensional, and impacts the physical, emotional, and spiritual/energetic realms.

Some of the guiding beliefs that inform my work include:

  • There is nothing wrong with you (no, really, there isn’t!)
  • You have the innate wisdom to heal yourself, and part of you knows just what you need
  • It is my role to use the skills I have to guide you in accessing that wisdom
  • The coping strategies you developed had inherent wisdom at the time you developed them. Now, they might need some updating
  • The mind, body, and spirit are inextricably linked, and physical symptoms are the body’s way of trying to get our attention
  • Many of our patterns and beliefs are hard-wired into our DNA and are inherited
  • Acceptance of what is and self-compassion are the gateway to change


“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years
and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of
yourself and see what happens.”
-Louise L. Hay

Session Types

Sessions follow the above principles and have the same goals, including:

  • Following current day issues and habitual patterns to their root
  • Healing old wounds and limiting beliefs to create more space for other possibilities
  • Reconciling and reintegrating the fragmented parts so you can  better reach your full potential

To accomplish these goals, I use one of two formats:

Integrative Mind-Body Sessions (IMB): After a 10 to 15 minute to check-in, we move to the massage table (you are fully clothed), where I conduct the session combining a) acupressure and other bodywork/energy based modalities to release blocked energy from the body, with b) guided meditative inquiry and somatic psychotherapy in order to heal emotions, beliefs, and traumatic events that may have contributed to the blockages. It’s a psychotherapy, bodywork, and energy-healing session in one!


I love how Jenny’s work addresses the pain on multiple levels at once – with hands-on touch addressing muscular pain and somatic holding patterns, and psycho-spiritual work addressing the parts inside of me that needed to make peace with one another so I could be present. As an intuitive myself, I particularly enjoyed how Jenny could easily access the spiritual realms I would travel in during our sessions.” – Regina G.


Multi-Dimensional EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): These sessions combine a) tapping on acupuncture meridian points to rewire the energetic circuitry, with b) going to the root of whatever issue you are working on. After acknowledging and clearing the old patterns and wounds, you can make space for new ways of looking at yourself and the world. I also integrate Hakomi psychotherapy, energy clearing, guided inquiry and mindfulness into these sessions.  Note: these do not include bodywork.


“Jenny is amazing in her ability to provide insightful feedback. Her intuition is spot on. I worked with her doing EFT and found her safe, compassionate, knowledgeable, and healing. She seems to have many different modalities, from EFT to visualization, and uses them with great skill. I recommend her highly if you are trying to work through issues, find resolution or know yourself better.” – Leigh G.


Click here to set up a free Radiant Wholeness 30-minute strategy call.

Monthly EFT Circles

EFT circles are a fun, affordable way to experience EFT and to clear emotional issues in a group setting. The theme changes each month.

It takes place the 2nd Thurs of the month, 6:45-9:30pm, at the East Bay Healing Collective, 1840 Alcatraz Avenue, in South Berkeley.

For more information and to get notices, sign up: http://www.meetup.com/East-Bay-EFT-Healing-Circle/.

“I’m so delighted to have found Jenny and her EFT circle… . Jenny brings many gifts to her circles, most notably her ability to connect with those who have come and for them to feel safe and comfortable to explore the emotional waters of healing past duress. Jenny also has the ability to weave humor and fun into the group co-created experience that keeps me wanting to come back for more. Thank you so much.” – Tom C

“The circle exceeded my expectations! It was warm, fun, safe, comfortable, insightful and empowering! Thank you! I look forward to more” – Participant feedback form


Oct. 13th, 2016 – Tap Into Your Radiance: Clearing Ancestral Baggage
Oct. 29th, 2016 – Tap Into Your Radiance: From Self-Sabotage to Authentic Self-Expression

Session Length and Structure

The introductory session last one hour and 55 minutes. Regular sessions last one hour and 25 minutes. Sessions are longer than conventional therapy, as we are doing deep, transformative work that requires time to bring to completion.

After the initial session, I ask for a minimum commitment of 4 weekly sessions.  After that, we can continue with 4 weekly or biweekly sessions. I have found that regular, scheduled sessions, especially in the beginning, are most effective for bringing about long-term change in deeply entrenched patterning.

For Integrative Mind-Body sessions, please wear loose, comfortable clothing (like what you might where to the gym or a yoga class).

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. You will be charged for any session that is cancelled after that time.


The sessions are highly intuitive and integrate a number of tools pretty seamlessly to meet the needs you have in the moment. The modality that I am using may not be obvious. However, the following are some of the main ones I use. See credentials for more information.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, or tapping) combines tapping on acupuncture points, elements of psychotherapy and universal concepts of love and acceptance to heal physical and emotional imbalances.

The Hakomi Method is an experiential and body-based form of psychotherapy that uses mindfulness to examine and transform core beliefs.

Acupressure involves the manual pressure of specific points to open up blockages in the body; it is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Matrix Reimprinting is a derivative of EFT that works on quantum levels to shift core beliefs and traumatic responses to past events.

Energy Work explores the impact of our beliefs and past experiences on our energy field. I use it to help clients learn to ground, set energetic boundaries, clear others’ energies from their fields and update agreements that are outdated.

Shamanic Healing enables the client (guided by the practitioner, in the way I practice it) to access guidance about what is needed for healing and reintegrate disconnected parts. A key concept is soul loss, in particular after a traumatic event, which leads the person to feel like a part of him or her is missing.

Please note that I’m not a licensed psychotherapist. Sessions are not intended to replace medical or psychiatric assistance.