Overcoming Burnout

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.
– Maya Angelou



I help givers who are experiencing burnout from over-giving to regain balance and prioritize their needs, so they can feel joyful and energized again. Do you:

  • Have a tendency to want to please others?
  • Struggle with saying no?
  • Know you can’t continue like this or there won’t be any of you left to give?


  • Having more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Seeing that your “you time” is a precious gift both for yourself and for others
  • Giving from a place of fullness and choice–and feeling how electrifying that is!

This may be for you if:

You are a social worker, activist, healer, parent, caretaker (either professionally or personally) and are experiencing symptoms of compassion fatigue.