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I’m glad you found me.  Are you looking for a way to live a whole and integrated life? Do any of these sound like what you are going through?

  • You struggle with chronic anxiety and are highly affected by the outside world
  • You are working through grief and loss – and it seems bottomless!
  • You are a giver (and perhaps in a helping profession), and are getting burned out
  • You feel you have inherited heavy ancestral patterns you don’t know how to clear

I get it. I’ve been there too.

Jenny Brav, MSW & CMP

Radiant Wholeness Healing, Berkeley CA

Jenny homeMy name is Jenny Brav, and I’m a sensitive and intuitive healer who uses my gifts to see through your patterns and wounds, and help you access the whole and integrated you that is at your core.

The work is at once gentle and profound. It is multi-dimensional, and impacts the physical, emotional, and spiritual/energetic realms.

Learn More About Me…

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best
and most beautiful part of us.”
– David Richo


Before practicing alternative healing modalities, I spent close to a decade doing humanitarian work in conflict zones. I bring the same compassion and fearlessness to my vocation as a healer. I will be your tireless advocate and loving truth-teller as you foray into those parts of your past and psyche that may be unknown or scary to confront. Along the way, you will discover how much more space there is for the light and joy to shine through.

Benefits of working with me

  • Feeling good from the inside out, rather than needing outside validation to feel worthy
  • Living a more grounded, relaxed, and integrated life
  • Having clear and loving boundaries
  • Being able to move forward with lightness and ease
  • Shifting your relationship to your life from victim of circumstance to gleeful co-creator

If you sense we might be a good fit, or want to know more, click here to book your 30-minute free Radiant Wholeness Strategy Call. 


My few months with Jenny were really one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She was instantly warm, saw deep into me, was completely non-judgmental and empathetic, and absolutely brilliant in her wisdom… Words simply cannot do Jenny justice.” Jennie Y.

 “Jenny Brav is AMAZING. I came in last minute with a tweaked neck (getting old sucks). Not only was she able to help me gain motion again, but she also helped me identify emotional–both my own and ancestral–tensions that were surrounding me. I know I will be returning. Thank you so much for both the physical and emotional assistance!” Ciraya S.

grief bereavement

Releasing Grief

I guide people who’ve experienced intense loss (of a loved one, of health, of a relationship) as they move through their grief and gain acceptance so they can go forward and create new relationships with joy and ease. 


meditating man 300x150

Managing Anxiety
and Sensitivity

I help people who struggle with anxiety develop better coping strategies and boundaries so they can move through the world easefully.




Releasing Ancestral
Patterns & Trauma

I work with people who feel bogged down by ancestral baggage heal old family patterns so they can fully inhabit their own purpose and power.





I help givers who are experiencing burnout from over-giving to regain balance and prioritize their needs, so they can feel joyful and energized again.